Piece for the Financial Times

For the ⁦‪Financial Times I wrote about one of my favourite paintings and how it relates to one of my favourite activities, housesitting other people’s beautiful homes. To […]

For The Fence: How My Dad Poisoned Himself Making Spitting Image Puppets

For this piece for The Fence I asked my dad to cast his mind back 40-odd years to one of the many weird and chaotic occurrences of his […]

Feature For The Fence

You may, or may not, remember the videos I used to share of myself interviewing glittering celebrities. For The Fence, I wrote about what happened behind the scenes […]

Article For The Guardian

For The Guardian, I wrote about how the rural housing crisis  has been exacerbated by the pandemic. This stretches all the way from Devon and Cornwall to the […]

Overheard In Art Galleries Piece For The Fence

I went lurking around London’s galleries writing down all the pretentious and ridiculous things I overheard there. Available in print only for The Fence.  You can subscribe to […]

New Article For Vogue

I wrote for British Vogue about why I wore my mother’s wedding dress after my parents divorced. About sentiment, superstition, heirlooms and searching for a sense of permanence […]

In Sickness And In Health: Piece For The Fence Magazine

“My levels of paranoia quickly reach coked-up Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas. I refuse to see or touch anyone. Those helicopters are following me.” I wrote […]

Article For Tribune

For Tribune I wrote about the power of protest witnessed globally with the Black Lives Matter movement and wielding that power on a local scale. And the hospital in […]

Piece For Vogue

For Vogue I wrote about my sister and her experience of having cancer and waiting for a stem cell transplant during coronavirus, and what it’s been like to watch. Click Here. 

Article For The Independent

I wrote a front page story for The Independent about dreams, how the militarised language surrounding the pandemic is creeping into our unconscious, and what we can take from it. Click […]

Interview With Picturehouse’s Clare Binns

For This Way Up film and cinema conference I interviewed Picturehouse’s joint Managing Director (and powerhouse) Clare Binns about how she worked her way up to the top […]

Piece for the New Statesman

I spent an unfortunate amount of time on sex doll/bot forums, and somehow I didn’t lose my sense of humour entirely. Here’s the resulting piece I wrote for […]

Interview With Writer, Ming Ho

I interviewed with the incredibly inspiring Ming Ho about her career as a writer, caring for her mother, and her advice to anyone in a similar situation …

Interview on ‘Pandemic Lack of Inclusion’ in British Film Industry

I interviewed Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, marketing director and chief finance officer for BUFF, The British Urban Film Festival, about how to change the practices of  ‘the old boys club’ that […]

Daphne Review

My review of the Daphne is up on the BFI’s ‘feminism in film’ website, TTIN. Click here: You can watch in cinemas now or on BFI player.

The Art of Dream Interpretation

In the new, very Hockney-esque, issue of Breathe Magazine I have written an article on everything you need to know about dream interpretation through the ages and how […]

New Article for Breathe Magazine

My article Ringing in the New,  is now out in Breathe Magazine. It is about the origins of campanology its mental and physical advantages and an interview with […]

Short Piece About Being A Hermit For The Guardian

“How Did This happen?” Is definitely something I’ve been asking myself.   To read about my experience click here. (I never said off-grid, I’m not a plonker.)


Regarding whether art can re-humanise, and be a constructive response to the refugee crisis. Chronicling the stories of the everyday bravery that goes into finding a safe roof […]

What Does Sonita Mean?

Originally published on TTIN in lieu of Sundance winning film Sonita‘s release. Read here. (On Sonita, women singing in Iran, and forced/child marriage …) 

Fave Women In Film

Stupidly missed out Britney in Crossroads. Here are some of my favourite women in film: (And actually on a more serious note I did forget Francis from […]

Summertime Review …

My review of Summertime featuring love and French lesbians, need I say more? (I do, in this …)

Article for VICE

I gots some smartsfor the post-Brexit economy in VICE. Take my advice and run with it (maybe to a nicer country). Read here. 

Interview With Luisa Omielan

I interviewed the extremely awesome Luisa Omielan. Ever worried about your ‘thigh gap’? Luisa really doesn’t want you too. Read here.

Mustang Film Review

The BFI kindly schlepped me up to Sheffield to review the Oscar-nominated Mustang. It is excellent. It is better than The Virgin Suicides and The Great Escape, go and […]

Interview for Bric+ Magazine

I interviewed TV celebrity chef Ching He Huang and got a surprise lesson in Eastern mysticism and the philosophy of food. She’s the coolest chef I know, maybe that […]

New Interview For Isintown is out …

The only fashion magazine that’s cool enough to let me reference The Simpsons and compare a girl to Russell Crowe. Go out and buy it at Wardour News, […]

Editor of isintown …

I got to do some funny interviews for a fashion magazine, making this the best fashion magazine out there. Available at at all classy newsagents …