Mystery Box…

Ben Fogg Makes Laugh

Meant to put this up a while ago: hilarious friend, writer, director, pianist, comic, producer, control freak/genius, Ben Fogg, has made some rather hilarious videos to help him […]


Beverly Hills hit us like a naff old cloth. We’d had to move from our little Spanish paradise in Laurel Canyon for a week as the owners were […]

LA Lesions …

Hello, I’m here. Hollywood, Los Angeles, named after me, maybe even by me. Historians just don’t know and I can’t remember. I’ve been wanting to come here for […]

The Art of Living …

Ah, living. Being alive is pretty easy, most of it is done for us by our little bodies, but living, what an art that is. Life can dance […]

The Jolly Roger …

Pink Floyd have wafted vaguely through my whole life. Like a heady, psychedelic incense they have always been in the air. They infiltrated my consciousness through old stereos […]

Bestival: The Great Decline …

It was that time of year again, the waning sun burning a deeper, hotter orange,  setting earlier, weighed down by the load of summer. September heralds my birthday, […]

How To Spend Summer In The City …

Choosing to spend your summer in London is like choosing to spend your life with an unstable narcissit. There will be days when the clouds lift and you […]

A Guy’s Guide To Girls …

Think you have women sussed and then all of a sudden you have your nice Afghan rug pulled from beneath your feet? Think it’s a waste of time […]

A Girl’s Guide To Guys …

Men are from Mars, women have penis envy. You’d think with those truths we’d have them all figured out, but we don’t. Or, we didn’t … I have […]

Agent of Distraction ….

A few moons ago the universe did something pretty funky. Venus was in Pluto, the Sun was in retrograde, the stars had aligned and got me an agent; […]

Career Girls, The Unorthodox Guide To …

Career girls, they’re young, they’re smart, they’re pretty, they’re successful. Career girls are pretty great. I serve career girls every day. As I serve them coffee and they […]

Make Poverty Hysterical (or mildly less agonizing….)

Poverty is the zeitgeist, it is just so. fucking. now. So, ever the prophet of what is ‘in’ I have been experimenting with poverty for years. Fortunately I’ve […]

15 Ways To Leave Your Lover ….

If you have been embroiled in a love malais this may help you. Once an admirer of la doleur esquise, I am now jaded by it. As a […]

How To Play The Game …..

I’m starting to worry about myself, more than normal; because normally it’s .. “Why is the light so bright? Maybe I have meningitis ..” “Why am I so […]

How To Get Fresh With Death …..

Recently I was struck with, what was initially the horror of my mortality, and what is now a sort of schoolgirl reluctance to accept that in this instance, […]

Shock, horror! We’ve created a monster …

Horrorsville is a town I haven’t been to in a while. I’ve been avoiding it. Something bad has happened there …. I’d been wondering recently why I had […]

The Life Of Lester ….

Last week I got a strange urge: I live alone and although I don’t get lonely (I actively prefer not living with anyone) I felt the need to […]