Piece for the Financial Times

For the ⁦‪Financial Times I wrote about one of my favourite paintings and how it relates to one of my favourite activities, housesitting other people’s beautiful homes. To […]

For The Fence: How My Dad Poisoned Himself Making Spitting Image Puppets

For this piece for The Fence I asked my dad to cast his mind back 40-odd years to one of the many weird and chaotic occurrences of his […]

Overheard In Art Galleries Piece For The Fence

I went lurking around London’s galleries writing down all the pretentious and ridiculous things I overheard there. Available in print only for The Fence.  You can subscribe to […]

Her Stories Art Auction

Piece about excellent initiative to auction excellent art (powered by Paddle 8 and Christies) by excellent women to raise money for vulnerable women’s charities in the UK.

Banksy: The Shakespeare Complex

Here I argue Banksy is becoming a legend (in the mythological sense of the word) with the help of other artists, while everyone from academics to grannies on […]

My Piece For Flux Magazine

Piece for Flux Magazine on the figurative artist Harland Miller, represented by the White Cube, and his catalogue raisonné that is rumoured to be announced later this year: […]

Review of Austin Osman Spare Exhibition, the man who refused to paint Hitler

My review of the amazing exhibition at The Last Tuesday Society of Austin Osman Spare’s (one of Alan Moore’s favourite artists) work for Creators — you can sit […]

Art World vs. Algorithms: Trump’s Top Financiers in the Art World

I wrote for Creators/Vice about a website that uses algorithms to reveal Trump’s top financiers in the art world that is also a conceptual art piece by Seth […]


Regarding whether art can re-humanise, and be a constructive response to the refugee crisis. Chronicling the stories of the everyday bravery that goes into finding a safe roof […]

Bob Dylan Beaten Path Review

I’ve lost my shit for Bob Dylan. Lose yours too, go see this. It’s really good. Read here on MyArtBroker.

Six Andy Warhols …

Massive weirdo Jared Leto (I’ve been in a room with him, trust me, he’s weird) is playing Andy Warhol in another film about him. I list other actors […]

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Piece For Artslant

In lieu of the Art + Feminism edit-a-thon on March 5th I’ve written an article about the event, female artists throughout history and happen to compare Wikipedia to […]

Piece For Artslant On 11 Women Artist’s

For Artslant I wrote about some of the most incredible, funny and strange female artists throughout history as part of the up-coming Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon. Read here. For more […]

New article for Creativepool about bringing back fun …

Analysing the Layzell Bros success through nostalgic, ‘feel good’ animations Published 12/08/2015 by Creativepool News Remember when the object of a music video was to promote something ‘feel […]

New review for ARTslant LA ….

I’ve written a review on a butt-oriented art show  in LA. New editors pick’ . Read here. 

‘How Mariokart Is Like Rubens’ Piece for Artslant

Describing how Mariokart is like Rubens and many other interesting parallels between classical and contemporary art–including the art you did not consider art, and the fundamental patterns and […]

‘Before The Zeitgeist’ Piece For Artslant

I’ve written my first piece for Artslant.“Who *really* invented the remix, the selfie, cubism? You thought you knew…” Read here.