If On A Winter’s Night A Computer ..

I wrote a piece for The Millions about how, in 1979, Italo Calvino predicted the AI author in one of his best-loved novels, and what the reality of that prediction now means for us writers, poets, journalists and translators.

Detailing how Calvino used an algorithm of his own to formulate the books plot, and how Game of Thrones writer George R R Martin is now competing with a bot-version of himself .





My Sister and Goethe Up A Tree

Well, my sister has won this incredibly incredible prize for the translation of A Whole Life. I’ve said it at least once or twice, maybe three times. But I’ll say it again: Read A Whole Life. It is completely beautiful. My sister won for a reason. (Isn’t life great.) x x x



Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.01.32.png