Interview for Bric+ Magazine

I interviewed TV celebrity chef Ching He Huang and got a surprise lesson in Eastern mysticism and the philosophy of food. She’s the coolest chef I know, maybe that anyone knows:

“This view of food being a medicine is of great importance to Ching, having grown up with her grandmother in Taiwan giving her natural remedies for ailments, she knows from experience there is an alternative to what we are sold: “Its important for people to now there is an alternative to western medicine …. even though we try and put a scientific approach on things, you cannot measure a lot of things in this world, just because we cannot see something doesn’t mean it’s not there; just because you do not fully know, does not mean you discount.””


(Don’t know why my thumbs so yellow, apologies. I possibly have jaundice and should’ve used photoshop.)

Magazine out now, and has I think, been out for a while: