The Yard

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Heavy, satin air rustles gilt, silky stars above my landlocked heart.

In the thickness of the night I feel bold and in control, the brief commander of my soul.

My courage pulled by counter lever, weighted by the moon.

The safety of the ground beneath wipes the slate clean, I lie back and breath.

The north wind brings new memories, there are fractions of orange crabs scattered along the beach if you walk with me.

I was wed with synchronicities.


As the light slips in, pale and thin and blue,

When the bold heat has passed, hammering another plane,

And the birds begin to sing, of regrets and other things,

A sadness in me grows as if blossomed by their song.

We were infinite possibilities, limitless in routine.

Faded by the grey I stand mute and tied by actions, anchored in the fray.

Still chasing peace.

So I think of you at dawn and absorb my own catastrophe.
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 22.00.13