Short Stories

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For the BFI’s ‘feminism in film’ website TTIN:

A story of a family, and the underworld, in modern Anatolia. Awarded an ‘Honourable Mention’ in Glimmer Train’s New Writer’s Short Story Competition ….

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For SomeSuch Stories …

Imagine if Facebook, Skype and your TV became one. And you gave that technology to a girl who makes bad decisions ….

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The Life Of Lester ….

Last week I got a strange urge: I live alone and although I don’t get lonely (I actively prefer not living with anyone) I felt the need to nurture something that wasn’t a cactus. Barely capable of cleaning out my own litter tray; a kitten was out of the question and anyway, it would only sadly, turn in to a cat. So I chose goldfish. Loyal, trust worthy, low maintenance, will happily forget and forgive all of my wrongs. As some humans find with other humans, a goldfish will accept me for who I am.