Weird, Wild and Wonderful Poetry and Art Collection

Inspired by the myth and folklore of where I grew up, Weird, Wild and Wonderful is a poetry collection I have written in collaboration with The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon, accompanied by artworks by the most celebrated artists in the area. From white witches and mysterious stones to shipwrecked sailors and whistling ghosts, each poem and artwork brings the stories of North Devon to life.

Available  to purchase in softcover and hardback. Click here to purchase online.

I had the privilege to research these poems through the museum’s Oral History Archives and collections, along with the myth and folklore of North Devon that has inspired the poems. There will be an accompanying exhibition at the museum, in which the art works and poetry will be able to be seen in real life. The exhibition will open to the public at the museum on the 18th May 2021 until 17th July 2021. 


The poetry and art collection is available to purchase online and in the museum gift shop. We’ve priced it so that the books remain accessible to everyone, including those on low incomes.
Cover illustration by John Hurford.
Available to purchase online here. Worldwide shipping.

Essay For Litro Magazine

I think this might be one of my favourite pieces I’ve written. I wrote about the fallen raven chick I thought was a rook and adopted, Rookie the raven. About how the strong bonds we create with our pets (whatever they may be) means they are usually our first, lasting experience of deep emotion. Also featuring strange pets and extravagant funerals from Percival Everett, Virgil and Mozart. Read here.

       Me and Rookie the Raven