Fancy A Little Guerilla Poetry Warfare In The Morning?

Back in the old days, when things weren’t immediate — when news didn’t travel at lightspeed and creations were nurtured in a bubble of time — things were said to happen in ‘the space of Pater Noster’, the space of God.

photo (7).JPG

Over the next 10 days (I started at 5am yesterday) I will be gracing my favourite streets in London — mostly ones I have lived on over the years — with a little surprise through the letterbox. The aim of the surprise is to serve as a bubble, a space in time between the bills and bank statements, where nothing is asked of you. At worst it makes excellent recycling material; at best it might add a little magic to your day — if you receieve one, whether you like or dislike, please get in touch (contact details on its reverse). x x x


2 thoughts on “Fancy A Little Guerilla Poetry Warfare In The Morning?

  1. That is just so, so brilliant Jade. Goodness gracious me, what is this that has just popped through my letterbox? Jeez, it’s a poem. What’ll I do with that? I know I’ll read. What d’you mean, someone’s thought all these thoughts and sent them just for me ,, and free!! I just gotta share this with the whole wide world.

    And just see where it goes and grows. And I wanna read it too. What about my letterbox?!

    Love, Laurence

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