I’m Volunteering My Services

Appreciate this is not a particularly entertaining blog post from me but I’d like to give something back to the world to make both the world, and me, feel good. Plus I’m bored of sitting at a computer all day. So if anyone can help with advice/suggestions they’ll be eternally appreciated (if they’re good, otherwise only the thought will count):

I will be in London for a couple of months soon and was wondering if anyone knew any volunteer companies/projects that might want a writer/reader/story teller? I’ve also done a lot of comedy improvisation, so I don’t know, maybe that too. I’m talking one-to-one human contact here, no cyber-causes please. Would rather word of mouth recommendations if poss as Internet too daunting and boring. Thank you!

Please get me on trippingoverwhippets@gmail.com if you do x x x x


Here I am learning to read. Now I am fully trained and can read all of Harry Potter by myself …



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