Strange Windows


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 19.59.24.png


The black doors here are framed
with yellow roses
and the whores with neon burgundy.
There are fox gloves by the water,
what is framing me?

Lilith’s eyes
dancing in the glass,
I see myself
in the reflection as
she smiles and waves me in.
But I don’t have the kind of money
to pay for basic needs –
I’ll never have enough.

Her breasts pressed together,
like two magnets
forced to face each other.
Why hold them in if they
want to get out?
Or is it in the release?
Does that please
the gentlemen?

Her long hair extensions
have been straightened
into great curtains,
like the velvet ones she parted
to give a better view –
as she did with her long,
shapeless legs; because
she is too kind.

Her lips are lined with
what looks like kohl, and
words so well rehearsed:
“I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen it all.
I never wanted any more,
than to sit in the windows
of this city,
like the cats you see
forever napping
in the sunlight on the sill.”

Even stinging nettles bare flowers
but I think I’ve seen
enough for now.
If I blink she’ll go away;
but there’s the neon like a worm and
those strange window frames.

All the tears at my disposal
but no longer motivation;
what a happy lack,
what a happy missing.
I think of Lilith kissing
all the men,
does she need a friend?
An ally in bed
might improve the sex.

The grass blows by the river bank
in a breeze that makes
the houseboats creek.
Make me an aperol spritz
with soda like the sweat
from sailor’s necks,
Lillith licks her lips.
I never wanted more than this.


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