Here, Again

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I’m back.
Have you missed me?
I didn’t realise I was gone.
But I’m back here again
I recognise this feeling.
Full circle.

I’ve gone six roads in time and all I learned is
it’s going to happen anyway.
Just let it slide.
The key was not struggle, to keep my hands behind my back,
until I was left with nothing.
Until I got it’s all I ever had.

What of this job, this money, this love?
What of this land? These fields as quiet as a hand on glass.
I have lost much.
I dared to dream.
And while I slept
I lost more than I ever dared
to fear, and now there’s nothing left.

Thank God, or I’d not have stopped to see
this misty sun, these birds with banded wings.
I have lost much, right from the start;
but still I cast shadows from where I stand.
My mirror image,
this little mimic and I
have seen a lot.

I’ve done seven full circles of hell and all I learned is
you’ve never really lived
until you’ve been possessed by it.
It’s safe to speak.
Endowed with the inconceivable,
render yourself a miracle
in this patch of sun.

Down with the women in the rushes,
is the stream of all along and all the while,
that ebbs away in silence.
This is the only, only, time
you’ll get this life,
and the world remains beautiful regardless of you,
and your pain.
This circle’s all there is
and it’s sealed with a kiss.


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