Shot In The Dark …

In it to win it, she’s in it to lose.
Players are, players are, players are fools.

Fluent in diction, inhale contradiction.
Believe in, believe in, believe in this fiction.

Run crying to mama, rest your head on her blubber.
You forget where you are, you are, you are not with her.

Stand up make a stand, your mouth a brass band.
Not clapping, she’s clasping, she’s clasping her hands.

The tune she now sings is learned it’s not taught.
Oh composer, composer, composer of thoughts.

“Captain!” She cries “were her waters that blue?”
Make space in your boat, your boat, your canoe.

And when you’re at peace, and condemned every piece.
Take the wool from my eyes, I can see I’ve been fleeced.

Then hand me the gun, left feeling nothing but numb,
I’ll pull it, I’ll pull it, I’ll pull it in one.


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